All You Need To Know About Smart Lighting Control

Smart lighting controls are fast gaining popularity as they offer businesses many benefits. They can help you manage your energy consumption, make your workspace more productive and much more. But what are smart lighting controls? How do they work? What are the benefits of these systems? Keep reading to find out more about smart light control.

What Is a Smart Lighting Control?

A smart light control, also called an intelligent lighting system or active LED fixtures, allows you to remotely control your building’s lighting. This can benefit your business in numerous ways. For one, it helps you save energy by reducing wasted light and power. It also allows you to schedule lighting changes for when they are needed rather than when they aren’t.

Types of Smart Lighting Controls

1. Sensor-Based Controls: This smart lighting control allows lights to be activated only when people are in specific areas, saving money and energy.

2. GPS-Based Controls: These allow users and businesses to control lighting from their mobile phones no matter where they are at any given time of day or night.

3. Occupancy-Based Controls: Using motion sensors, these controls turn off lights when rooms are empty.

4. Time-Of-Day Based Controls: Lights can be scheduled to automatically turn on and off during certain times of day using these smart lighting control systems.

5. Geolocation Based Controls: Using Wi-Fi signals, geolocation based controls can turn on or off lights depending on whether a user has arrived at work or home via smartphone app.

Benefits of Using Smart Lighting Control

One of the biggest benefits of using smart lighting controls in your business is that they allow you to save money. Because there’s no need for individual lamps or floodlights and electricians can install just one unit, businesses can save a great deal on electrical costs. Another benefit of smart lighting controls is that they offer you more control over your lights. By installing them in every room in your building, you’ll have full control over when each light goes on and off and where it’s placed.

How to Get Started With Automated Lights in Your Office

Start by doing your research on lighting control systems in Australia. If you’re just starting out, find out what options are available and how much they’ll cost you. The first place to start is with your existing lights; find out what kind of lights you have installed in your office and check for compatibility on manufacturers’ websites. If you want to upgrade with smart lighting controls, be sure your current bulbs are compatible with those smart devices before making any purchases.