Build A Real-Time Audio Based Social Media App With Our Whitelabel Solution

The world is moving forward fast with the emergence of social media apps for users. Although there are messaging apps and video conferencing apps, audio-based social media apps have grabbed users’ attention from all over the world. In this platform, users can join any chat rooms available in the app and discuss various topics and debates on controversial topics with friends, families, and other people.

The clubhouse was the first audio-based social media app that came into existence and was more beneficial for users to interact, discuss, debate, and many others efficiently. Our app development firm Turnkey Town offers entrepreneurs to venture into the flourishing platform with a robust Clubhouse clone script. We also offer our clients a ready-made solution deployed with a full code script helping them to save their valuable time and energy. Have a gist into the numerous features we are offering.

Multiple Alluring Features

To boost your app in the online market, we integrate essential features into your Clubhouse like app development. This also widely helps users to keep engaging with your app in the future.

You can allow your users to view the topics of discussion of a chat room on an app like Clubhouse news feed. Thus, the users can choose the topics as per their likings and interests.
In the chat rooms feature, users can join existing rooms or create new rooms. Once it has been created, users can start discussing any subjects.
With the in-app calendar feature, there is no need for a hustle for users. The app will remind users beforehand, and therefore they will not miss their important discussions or meetings.
Previously the app like Clubhouse was completely based on the invite-only method, but now anyone can instantly join a chat room without the means of an invitation.
The instant notifications allow users to the latest information, updates, or if any follower is up on the stage for speaking.
You can also allow your users to create a club where the members in the club will be able to join the room for a discussion.
Winding Up

In brief, our app development company Turnkey Town offers you the fastest development of the Clubhouse clone app. We are also experienced in providing a white-label solution to gain more audience and embark an identity of your brand name worldwide. Speak to our experts right away to explore more benefits of developing an app like Clubhouse.